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Michael, together with other artists from around the globe performed two charity benifit concerts in June of 1999. Together these concerts raised millions of dollars for three charities; The Red Cross, UNESCO, and The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Both concerts were televised, and the final concert was aired globally over the internet! The concert in Munich was played at the Olympic Stadium and was modeled after the previous concert in Seoul, with many of the same performers. Michael's set included a stage dubbed the "bridge of no return" which was a symbol for refugee children. During "Earth Song" children led eachother across the bridge symbolizing the plight of refugees. At the end of the song the bridge was supposed to collapse and a tank would take to the stage as it did in the HIStory tour production of "Earth Song". Unfortunately, during the concert an accident occured with the prop and Michael was slightly injured. The bridge that Michael was standing on separated too soon, and the middle section fell into a pit in the stage. Michael climbed out of the hole and carried on with his performances of "Earth Song" and "You Are Not Alone" with no apparent injuries. (Later Michael did go to the hospital and was reported to have suffered bruising, and minor burns).